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Evan's Removal is not your average junk removal company.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all sorts of removal services, demolition, organization, and clean-up whether it be for a residence or commercial property.

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Construction Clean up and Trash Removal Service, Cheaper than a Dumpster

Following the purchase of a home, many homeowners begin activities to customize these homes to suit them and their families. A common addition is patio, which is typically a paved area for recreation or dining. A patio may require some form of roofing work to help control the effects of the weather. Typical construction work of this kind creates a large amount of junk owing to the materials used in the procedure. It is common to have a stack of tiles remaining; gallons of half-used paint cans, half-used bags of mortar, and in some cases a wide range of tools. These materials contribute to litter and junk and as more work is done, the pile is likely to continue growing in size.

Construction and Junk

In addition to construction, related junk a homeowner may overtime also begin to stack up a number of damaged or unused electrical or mechanical products. The pump from an old spa, an old washing machine, and damaged mechanical parts from a truck are examples of such junk. In time this junk becomes an eye sore and has the potential to affect neighborhood property prices. This is not to mention the fact that no one really likes living next to a junkyard and the noisy stray cats that love such haunts. For this reason, it is good to consider services that can help clean up after construction work is completed.

Effects of Junk

Junk is unhealthy and can cause financial effects as it causes decline in property prices. This effect is of special concern given that the real estate market is yet to fully recover from the 2007-08 financial crises. In addition to that, poor waste disposal has caused much concern around the world as it continues to damage our environment. Dumping waste in the ocean has the potential to cause a decline in fish harvests as it affects the water quality.

Junk Removal Services

In Orange County, California, Evan’s Removal provides a wide range of removal services that include removal of waste from both residential and commercial sites. Our company has the capacity to handle residential assignments such as patio cover removal to larger removal tasks such as junk removal on a reasonably sized construction site. It is understood that a construction site for a block of flats will require much more than a dumpster to handle the amount of waste produced. For both large and small waste management solutions call us now.