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Evan's Removal is not your average junk removal company.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all sorts of removal services, demolition, organization, and clean-up whether it be for a residence or commercial property.

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Hot Tub or Spa Removal Fast and Inexpensive

Whether you are updating to new equipment or doing a home renovation, removing a hot tub or spa can be a daunting job. The size of the fixture to be removed can add to the problem. What do you want to do with it? The first thing that you need to decide before you do any removals is what you want to do with it. If it is not too old or in good shape, you may want to keep … Read More

How Trash Removal can increase your property value

Junk is part of living in modern society. Junk grows as we dispose used electrical and other mechanical products. The amount of junk produced is largely increasing as urban populations continue to rise around the world. Access to proper waste management and garbage removal is essential to people residing in urban areas that rely on a healthy environment for survival. How Junk Affects Neighborhoods When buying a property one often desires that the neighborhood is comely and as such, property … Read More

Mattress Disposal Services

We’ve all got them – mattress we no longer want or need. If you don’t have one, you have certainly seen them on the side of the road or by someone’s cans on trash day. Despite the fact that trash trucks can’t take them, there they sit, lowering the curb appeal of your street. What if there was an easier way to dispose of these unsightly nuisances?  The Right Tools We have efficient drivers, and trained professionals to help you … Read More