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Evan's Removal is not your average junk removal company.

We aim to be your one stop shop for all sorts of removal services, demolition, organization, and clean-up whether it be for a residence or commercial property.

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The Trash Can of Choice

Yes, we said trash can! With the inability to just “throw away” a giant mattress, you are left to invest in other options. Evan’s Removal is familiar with the tedious task of finding a truck or trailer, loading up your items, and driving to the local dump to rid your home of unnecessary junk. We have a solution – and it includes using our company’s fantastic services. Avoid costly dumpster trips and call your local Orange County removal and Junk … Read More

Junk Removal Services

When buying a property one often desires that the neighborhood is comely and as such, property value will rise in time. It is not uncommon for people to complain about the poor conditions of the neighborhood owing to the unsightly appearance of junk and litter. Common sources of junk include litter from felled trees and lumber remaining from home improvements. One of the main reasons for unwarranted clutter and junk is hoarding. The inability to let go of disused items … Read More

Construction Clean up and Trash Removal Service, Cheaper than a Dumpster

Following the purchase of a home, many homeowners begin activities to customize these homes to suit them and their families. A common addition is patio, which is typically a paved area for recreation or dining. A patio may require some form of roofing work to help control the effects of the weather. Typical construction work of this kind creates a large amount of junk owing to the materials used in the procedure. It is common to have a stack of … Read More